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September 2020

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 Hello, this is my policy and whatnot.....

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Hello, this is my policy and whatnot..... Empty
PostSubject: Hello, this is my policy and whatnot.....   Hello, this is my policy and whatnot..... EmptyMon Sep 04, 2017 4:46 am

Hey all! I'm back! Took a 7 year hiatus after my site Paegin Sims was hacked (coughTSRcough). But my now late 20 something daughter wants to get back into the Sims 2, and so I started digging out all my recolors. Started to feel nostalgic.

Beckylynn was one of my new artists on PaeginSims, and a very good one. I was honored to have mentored her. When my site came down, she started this one, and I am very proud at how far she's come. So when she found out I was dipping my toe into Sims 2 waters again, she offered me this position of Staff Artist. I was honored by the request and of course accepted.

Now, I am officially "retired", but I will be doing some recolors here and there....otherwise I will just ride the coat tails of the few paltry things I did make.


So,  the possibility of something new is pretty good, so you'll just have to keep coming back to check!  

All of the sets and items you see here, are everything I had posted at TSR, Natural Sims, and Paegin Sims. Yup, they all be here!!! I love you

Now the important stuff:

First of all, I am a recolorist, not a mesher. I enhance OTHER peoples meshes, but don't make my own. So please don't ask me to make a new mesh, because honestly, I don't know how and no wish to learn.

However, if you DO want a recolor of anything, you MAY request nicely. Depending on Real Life issues, I may or may not be willing. But I'll always be nice, and don't bite, so please feel free to ask. No such thing as a bad question!!!  


If you find any missing meshes or incorrect ones, let me know immediately. I will have the correct ones and can adjust the downloads.

When using Earthgoddess' valance mesh, you may need to use the boolprop cheat to place it. It's just the way the mesh works.

ALL of my walls and floors ingame will be free for your sims. So that will help the finances a bit, lol.

All my creations, if not Maxis based, will include mesh files, so you don't have to go hunt them down. In the past this would have been a no no, but damn, 95% of the people who made them have been absent from the Sims Universe for YEARS, and probably won't even know or care. Seems silly to prevent people from using great stuff just because it's locked under "pay sites", most of which aren't even there anymore. Lucky for you, I have a couple gigs worth of their meshes. If there is a problem with that for you, pm me. We'll talk!! Keep in mind, I'm an old lady and I do NOT scare easily! (Muhahahah!)

Speaking of meshes, if you are another recolorist and are searching for a seemingly defunct mesh, you may ask me, if I have it in my vast archives, I will gladly copy it and get it to you. IF I have it.

I will promise you now, I will NOT put any items in my pics that are not in the set. Like, you know, for enhancement? I find it confusing myself when I go to download and some of the stuff that looked cool is not there. What you see, is what you will get!!

I have decided to include collection folders in all my future offerings that have large amounts of items. I won't list them, but you'll find them in the package when you download. You are welcome!!   Cool

NOTE: Some of my files will have collection files, some will not. They were made at different times.

Also, to open lots you WILL need Sims2Pack Clean installer. Go here at Mod the Sims to get it:

Explaination of Master/Slave files:

Ok, so you got the bedroom you wanted from me. You go to install and see lots of meshes, named "Master" and "Slave" but only one or two actual files from me for the room. "But, but River, where is the rest of your recolor?" You ask. See, the way master and slave files work, is I only have to recolor the "master" file, and if you put the slave meshes in game, they will also pick up any recolor the master file has. So when it looks like I recolored a whole room, I only recolored one or two files (Master files), and uploaded only those. Rest assured the whole room is there, just place the slave files and you will see the options for the same recolor as the master files. Hope that clears up that.

If I can think of any more items of importance I will post them here.

Now if you have a problem or issue, or just a grudge from long ago and need to rant at me, DO IT IN PRIVATE PM please!!!

Do not upset or disturb the other good people on this forum, with your anger, mkay? Behave like an adult and confront me privately. Thank you.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my creations and use them in your game for long time to come. Peace.
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Hello, this is my policy and whatnot.....
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